Click-Bait Shrimp Beads


  • 3mm Stainless Steel Beads
  • Perfect for Tying Click-Bait Shrimp
  • Secure with 25 pound Mason
  • 50 per pack
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We were inspired by the Avalon Fly to design a shrimp imitation that featured the stainless steel beads strung on monofilament.  The result is the Click-Bait Shrimp!  Whether you want to tie the fly or the jig version, or something else altogether, here are the perfect beads to use.  They’re 3mm in diameter and made from stainless steel.  We use 25 pound Mason to secure the beads.  We wouldn’t use heavier mono than that.  Find the tying video to the Click-Bait Shrimp at the Buggs Fishing YouTube channel.  One size, 50 per pack.