Curl-Tail Redfish Bugg + Trout Thumper Super Combo


  • Deadly Combination of the Best Sellers for Redfish and Trout
  • Includes 8 Curl-Tails with Replacement Tails + 10 Trout Thumpers + Replacement Tails + Plano Box
  • Choose Your Selection of Each and Your Sizes
  • Makes a Great Gift!
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This is the same idea as the Redfish/Trout Combo, but with a full selection of the best sellers! This kit give you the chance to get a larger selection of colors and sizes, or to double up on the Buggs you know will work best. You’ll pick a double portion of Curl-Tails and Trout Thumpers, get replacement tails for everything, and a big box to hold them! If you’re fishing skinny water, thigh deep or shallower, pick the 1/16 oz. Trout Thumpers and 1/8 oz. Curl-Tails. You know where we’re headed next – for waist deep water and slightly longer casts choose the 1/8 oz Thumpers and 1/4 oz. Curl-Tails. And for deeper water and the longest casts choose the heaviest ones. And of course you can mix and match sizes.

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