Redfish Bugg Kit


  • Special Selections of All Three Redfish Buggs
  • Includes 4 Curl-Tails with Replacement Tails + 4 Double Bunnies + 5 Beastie Buggs + Plano Box
  • Region Specific Selections
  • Choose Your Own Sizes, Makes a Great Gift!
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Here is a full arsenal of Redfish Buggs for just about any and every situation you’ll encounter.  You’ll choose a Regional Selection of Curl-Tail Redfish Buggs first.  Go by region or just pick your favorite colors here, they all work in different places!  Then you’ll choose a Tropical or Coastal selection of Beastie Buggs and Double Bunny Jigs.  This will set you up for blind casting or sight casting for redfish.  If you’re fishing skinny, a foot or less, the 1/8 oz. is best.  For a little longer casts and/or a little deeper water I’d choose the 1/4 oz.  And the 3/8 oz. is great for really long casts and deeper water.