Redfish Bugg Master Kit


  • Master Selections of All Three Redfish Buggs
  • Includes 10 Curl-Tails + 10 packs of tails + 8 Double Bunnies + 10 Beastie Buggs + Plano Box
  • Every Color of Every Bugg Included
  • Choose Your Own Sizes, Makes a Great Gift!
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Hardcore Redfish Chaser, want to be set for a while?  Here is your kit!  A full and complete selection of Curl-Tail Jigs, Double Bunny Jigs, and Beastie Buggs.  Sight Casting and Blind Casting, you’re set!  Includes every single color of all of these Buggs!  If you’re fishing skinny, a foot or less, the 1/8 oz. is best.  For a little longer casts and/or a little deeper water I’d choose the 1/4 oz.  And the 3/8 oz. is great for really long casts and deeper water.